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What is eclectic furniture?

At Eclectic 17, we are all about eclectic furniture which brings an exciting and distinctive edge to your home décor. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, you might well be asking: what exactly is eclectic furniture?

Eclectic furniture essentially means that you can bring together furniture which crosses certain normal category distinctions. In this way, you could be bringing together furniture of different time periods, of different styles, of different textures, trends or indeed colours.

Eclectic style furniture & accessories

Reveling in diversity

Being eclectic, whether it is with your taste in home furniture or your taste in music or literature, it is all about drawing from a wide array of sources in order to build up your own unique preferences which you will not find has been repeated one hundred times before. In this way, an eclectic collection of furniture will not consist of a homogenised singular look, but will rather present a wide variety of unique styles which each seem to have their own character but which, when blended into one, create something anew.

This really gets to the core of what it means to pursue eclectic styles, as it is about looking for those touches of décor which are separate from the mainstream, and drawing from many different inspirations to develop your own style. And this is what we are passionate about here. By seeking to bring together a wide mix of all sorts of different pieces of furniture, Eclectic 17 embraces the beautiful and irreducible variety of looks and feels that make up the richness and diversity of life. This is the place to be if you want to learn more about how to develop your own sense of all things eclectic.

Satisfying your curiosity

If you are anything like us, then you will have a natural curiosity which will drive on your urge to get to know about lots of new pieces of design, lots of new looks, new styles, and even retro fashions which are just as rewarding to find out about now. Exploring eclectic furniture options is a great way to satisfy this thirst for the new, the exciting, the unexpected and the fresh. By delving into this world of distinctive and wide-ranging styles, you will be far more likely to stumble upon something which your home has been crying out for than you would by looking through more regular collections filled with more familiar designs.

Making creative decisions

Combining quirky, industrial, chic and striking home accessories, lighting and other pieces, there is an excellent opportunity with eclectic furniture to express yourself and to see a unique vision take shape. There aren’t all that many rules, so you can go for combinations which you might not normally see, but then there is always the possibility to hold everything together with some clever decisions such as a unifying colour scheme or a motif.

Marrying the old and the new, mixing pieces which would have otherwise stayed in their strict categorical lanes, and experimenting with the unexpected and letting your imagination and your intuition take the driving seat now and then, decorating your home the eclectic way is a great way to tap into your inner creativity.

Be inspired

Are you inspired to create this look but don't know where to start? Take a look at our tips on how to achieve the eclectic style look.


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